About Us

CHTO AM 1690 is a CRTC licenced AM radio station in Toronto.
Catering primarily to the Greek Community of Metropolitan Toronto, AM
1690 offers 21 hours of Greek oriented programming per day. AM 1690
also offers programming in Armenian, Bulgarian, English, Romanian
and Serbian languages.
© CHTO AM 1690 2007-2008

CHCR-FM was started in 1966 on a closed circuit platform via Bell
Telephone lines to serve the emerging Greek Community of
Metropolitan Toronto. CHCR-FM then moved on to Cable radio and
SCMO service. Currently CHCR is only available on Rogers Digital 959
but the station has evolved to AM 1690. CHTO AM 1690 launched in
2007 but the idea behind the radio station was 40 years in the making.